Lagos is bigger than Ghana – Efya tells peeps who always compare Ghana to Nigeria

Ghanaian singer Efya says Lagos has said in an interview that Lagos is bigger than Ghana. She said this on City 105.1 FM in Nigeria. According to her, there shouldn’t be comparisons when it comes to the two countries, as Nigeria is bigger than Ghana.

She highlighted the advantage that Nigeria’s larger population brings to its music industry compared to the Ghanaian market and instead of making direct comparisons between the two countries, Efya suggested that they focus on collaborating and working together.

Her exact statement was, “Nigerian and Ghanaian music markets are not the same. Nigerians are way more than we are in terms of numbers. Numbers really matter now. The number of people who will stream Nigerian music in Nigeria is different from the number of people who will stream Ghanaian music in Ghana. The numbers are not the same.

“In terms of numbers, Lagos is bigger than Ghana. It is like the music hub itself. Nigerians are way bigger than we are. So, usually, when I see people comparing, I’m like, ‘Do you guys know?’

“There shouldn’t be any comparisons. What I believe we should do is be more collaborative. Find our vibes and put them together to advance what Afrobeats is going to be in the future—for us to be the gatekeepers of our own sound. And I think that’s the power move.”

Ghana and Nigerian comparison: Rapper D-Black echoes same sentiment 

D-Black shares his opinion about Ghana and Nigeria
D-Black shares his opinion about Ghana and Nigeria

On the same tangent, D-Black echoed the same sentiment. According to D-Black, Nigerian artists are more successful than their Ghanaian counterparts due to their business acumen. He believes that Nigerian artists are more focused on the business aspect of their music career, while Ghanaian artists prioritize the art itself.

Speaking in a recent episode of The Afrobeats Podcast, D-Black said, “Why Nigerian records are flying higher than the Ghanaian ones is because Ghanaian artists don’t really care about the money. They don’t care about the business. It’s just the love of art that overpowers everything. There’s really no business behind it.

“BET nomination, all the accolades, I made no money. But as soon as I switched to commercial mood of Afrobeats, I bought my Ferrari and Range Rover. I was everywhere.

“Artists and creatives need to understand that music alone is not enough. You need to get up and grind. You need to take advantage of social media to promote your craft.”


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