Lasizwe brings tears of joy to the eyes of Ntando, surprises her on first day at work

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The friendship between Ntando Duma and Lasizwa Dambuza isn’t the one kinda drama that’s being often witnessed anytime celebrities decide to be friends.

The two have given fans a drama-free relationship and they’re widely admired by many people also, they appreciate the little things they do for themselves.

In a recent video shared by Ntando on her Instagram, Lasizwe decided to surprised her on set as it was her first day at work after being announced as the new host for Dance YoDumo as he gave her congratulatory flowers and Chocolates.

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Captioning the video on Instagram she wrote, “Sometimes it’s just the little things hey… but these kind of gestures they’re never ever small to me and I never take them for granted.”

“@lasizwe surprised me with congratulatory flowers and chocolates for my new show at work today.

Thank you @lasizwe I appreciate you and this gesture so so much.🥺♥️😭 and when I said “ Don’t love me” I meant love me more but don’t (if you know what I mean)😂

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I always say that ‘He who buys me flowers, knows my heart’ and Shem my people know me and Ngiyabonga”

The actress was recently named as the new host of dance competition show on SABC 1, Dance YoDumo and she took to social media to announced the news.


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