The Last Nude You Would Probably See Of Kisa Gbekle, She Quits Been Nude!

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When you think of Maheeda, then Kisa Gbekle comes into mind. These two have one big similarity.

Kisa Gbekle, a Ghanaian actress has apologised for posting her semi nude and sexually suggestive photos on some social media platforms especially instagram after months of sustained public bashing.

The young actress and musician recently made headlines with her semi nude photos in public domain. She attempted to offer explanations to justify the photos by comparing them to similar ones by world star, Rihanna.

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kisa gbekleKisa had argued by then that if the Ghanaian entertainment media had no problems with semi nude photos of Amerian singer Rihanna, then she had every right to take same photos and publish them without offending the media.

However, Kisa made a u-turn on Wednesday and took to social media to apologise for publishing her half-naked photos and promised she would henceforth “be of a good behaviour”.

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“Never again will I be a bad girl. I promise on my honour to be faithful and loyal to my people. No more bad pictures…lol (laugh out loud) but check instagram now kisagbekle,” she said on facebook.

Meanwhile the actress, almost immediately after the post, uploaded another ‘wild’ photo of herself on instagram.

Kisa is known for her performance in a number of movies including the TV series, The Miser. She was last in the news over her controversial Twerk music video.

Well, too bad right? I personally had no problems, infact i love them, but hey she’s not doing that again, i will be watching her, to see if she really meant it.

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