Latarra Eutsey: Who is Big Meech’s baby mama and Demetrius Flenory Jr mother?

Latarra Eutsey
Latarra Eutsey

Latarra Eutsey is widely known as the baby mama of the founder of the Black Mafia family, Big Meech, and also the daughter of rapper Demetrius Flenory Jr also known as Lil Meech.

Big Meech isn’t a new name in both the criminal world and entertainment industry as he and his brother, Terry Flenory created a drug trafficking and money laundering empire in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, and showcase the Black Mafia family as a record label with multiple artistes in public.

In this article, we’re going to learn everything you need to know about the baby mama of Big Meech, Latarra Eutsey.

Latarra Eutsey
Latarra Eutsey

Who is Big Meech baby mama Latarra Eutsey?

Latarra Eutsey is indeed the real baby mother of the Detroit drug trafficker Demetrius Flenory. The two started dating in 1999 but there aren’t any details regarding why they went their separate ways.

Their relationship led to the birth of rapper Demetrius Flenory Jr who is also known as Lil Meech. He was born on April 22nd, 2000, and has since been the only confirmed child of Big Meech however he is also said to have a daughter identified as Neeka who was born from Big Meech’s relationship with Lori Walker.

Aside from these two children of Big Meech, one Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory has popped up to claim that she is Big Meech’s daughter meanwhile other people have also come up saying they’re the child of a criminal.

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How old is Latarra Eutsey?

Latarra Shane Eutsey was born in the year 1969 and as of 2022 she is 53 years old and is a year younger than Big Meech as he was born on June 21st, 1968.

There’s not much information about Latarra Eutsey as she lives a private life away from the public domain however her siblings’ identities are Arthur, AL, Kellee, John, Evelyn, Amiel, Joseph, Kalifani, Brenda, Kelly, and Nyerere.

Does Latarra Eutsey have a husband?

Latarra Eutsey is not having a husband however she is said to be in a relationship with someone but his identity is unknown.

Big Meech wasn’t married and has never been married as he was placed behind bars for drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

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