While 50 Cent thinks Jay Z handled the shocking vicious elevator attack with Solange Knowles last Monday in NYC like a true gentleman, Drake thinks, Jay deserves the beat down because he often think he’s on top of the world; but just got whooped by a GIRL!

A source claims because Drake’s been attacked by Jay more than a few times he thinks that Solange was just Jay’s latest victim, “He thinks that HOV probably said some f**ked up stuff to her, or tried to come off like he’s the illest person who’s ever walked the face of the earth, like he portrays in his music.”

The younger rapper also thinks Solange was trying to put the rapper in his place. “Solange probably got tired of Jay Z’s hype and tried to bring him back to earth,” the source adds.

And no surprise here, but Drake actually enjoyed seeing his hip-hop rival take a few shots from a girl. And like everyone else, one viewing of the footage just wasn’t enough: “Drake thought it was funny and watched it on repeat about ten times while laughing his ass off.” the source concluded.

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