Laugh Out Loud: After Inflation, Now Another Letter To President Mahama & Woyome From Nazir

Now this is just too funny, who wants to be president in 2016? I wouldn’t sit on that chair if even given to me free of charge. After Sarkodie released his inflation track, we all thought that will be the end of it, but it was just the beginning. It’s no doubt the citizens are fed up with the government now.

I have shown you episodes one and two of Tales of Nazir by this awesome graphic designer and animator known as Louis Appiah. Yes, i never knew episode three was going to be this hilarious. Episode three opens up with Sarkodie’s inflation song playing in the background, then gradually fading in, Nazir sits in a chair a reads out his letter to the President. Thinking he was commending the president for his good works, he then starts scoring him. You just annot stop laughing and i dont want to ruin the fun, so just hit the play button and watch the video . Don’t take it too personal, Nazir is just a fictional character.




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