Laura Dotson Net Worth: Check Out Her Worth

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She is an American auctioneer and reality television personality. Together with her husband, with whom she starred in Storage Wars, they have a company known as American Auctioneers, which has grown from 300 auctions per year to 3000. What is Laura Dotson net worth? How much money has she made in her career as an American auctioneer and reality television personality?

In this article, we are going to discuss net worth of Laura. She is particularly popular for her starring role in the A&E series Storage Wars.

All the members of that famous well-watched series have gone on to do so well as the series gave them a lot of exposure.

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We will not just tell you about Laura Dotson net worth only, but we will also let you know who she is and how she has become so popular over the years.

It is always a good thing to work in unison and understanding with your spouse and Laura and her husband, Dan Dotson have done that so well.

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They starred together in Storage Wars and manage their company together.

The two even run a YouTube channel together which adds to their earnings.

Laura Dotson Net Worth: Biography

Laura Dotson and Dan Dotson
Laura Dotson and Dan Dotson

Before we zoom in on how much money she has earned, let’s take a look at her early life and career beginnings.

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In this section, you are going to learn about who she is.

Laura Dotson was brought up in Thousand Oaks, California, and has been involved in the auctioneering industry since 1988.

She was born on May 13, 1968, and that makes her 54 years old now.

With regard to her parents, there has not been much information about them, and neither do we know if she has any siblings.

Her educational background is not well documented as well.

Before we get to look at Laura Dotson net worth, let’s take a look at her career trajectory.

Career Beginnings

Laura Dotson net worth

She first met Dan Dotson, who would later become her husband, in 1996.

She then joined Dan in business, and the two of them now run American Auctioneers as co-owners.

American Auctioneers was founded in 1983 by Dan Dotson.

In addition to legal/foreclosure auctions, fundraisers, and appraisals, American Auctioneers specializes in auctions of storage units, estates, business inventories, and equipment.

Laura Dotson holds two auctions on average each day, six days a week.

Dotson also owns, a website gateway that specializes in listing self-storage auctions around the US and Canada.

Joining Dan Dotson to manage American Auctioneers helped her to earn some money for herself and gave Laura Dotson net worth a raise but her starring role, together with her husband, added so much to her worth.

Laura Storage Wars

Both Laur Dotson and her husband, Dan Dotson started appearing on A&E’s Storage Wars in December 2010, a reality show that follows four experienced buyers and their teams as they compete for storage units that are in default.

Dan usually serves as the auctioneer and she as the ringman, although occasionally the roles are switched.

Her auction chant employs more distinct filler words and sounds slower than her husband’s.

Dan’s auction chant on the show involves slurred multi-syllabic filler spat off very quickly.

She has appeared in a number of press publications, including The Washington Post, USA Today, and TMZ, as a result of her role in Storage Wars.

What is Laura Dotson net worth today?

Let’s find out in the next section of the article.

Laura Dotson Net Worth

Laura Dotson Net Worth
Laura Dotson Storage Wars

Laura Dotson net worth as an American auctioneer and reality television personality is estimated to be around $4.5 million.

How much more money has she earned than her husband?

Laura Dotson husband, Dan Dotson net worth is estimated to be $4.5 million. This means that they both share the same net worth and no one earns more than the other.

The average earning for each cast of Storage Wars was said to be over $800,000 for a season.

Dan Dotson’s earnings from the series stood at $829,500. Laura did earn her fair share of what was offered to the cast of Storage Wars.

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