Leah Remini Says She and Husband Angelo Are ‘More of a Mess Now’ After Daughter Returns to College

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Actress Leah Remini has shared how she and her husband Angelo were affected after their daughter returned to college.

The actress seems not to have gotten over the absence of her daughter as a fresher man. She disclosed that she and her husband Angelo are in a mess now.

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“One of the things I’ve learned in life is that there is always time to course correct,” Remini wrote in a post shared on her social media accounts on Monday. “There’s no sense in sticking to something that doesn’t work for you. In any situation. At any point in your life.”

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Remini, 52, previously revealed to fans through an Instagram post in September that her daughter Sofia headed off to her first year in college as Remini began her second year at NYU.

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“For many reasons, that school didn’t make sense for her, so she left, and we got to have her home for a few more months,” she explained, adding: “A few weeks ago, she started courses at another University, and we moved her into an apartment.”

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