Leaked National Security Information Points to Gross Extortion At Ghana’s Borders

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Albert Kan-Dapaah, Minister-designate of National Security has heeded to the fact that state security who were stationed at certain unauthorized roads at Elubo are assisting illegal immigrants to both leave and enter the country.

As written in a letter to the interior ministry, the Immigration and Customs officers deployed at the unauthorized routes “extort monies ranging between CFA 1,000 and 10,000 from illegal immigrants.”

Mr. Kan-Dapaah further noted that, the security officials stationed at the borders do a lackadaisical examination of the goods that are brought into a country, and this has “dire security implications.”

It was also realized that OA busses which ceased operations dollowing the Presidents directive to shut the country’s borders “have resumed operations, plying the route with more than four(4) busses every night.”

The Interior Ministry has been called on “for early intervention to reverse the trend considering the security and economic implications.”






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