Learn To Say We “Chopped Ourselves” Instead Of I “Chopped” Her As If She Didn’t Do Same To You – Kafui Danku Advises Men

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Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Kafui Danku has advised men to stop boasting to their friends how the “Chopped” a particular lady and admit that they enjoyed themselves.

According to Kafui Danku in a Facebook post, most men like to make it look as if when a man and a woman have consensual sex, it automatically means the man slept” with her when in actual fact they slept with each other.

She wrote; “Ok, looks like a little more education is needed here.

I wonder why some men see “CONSENSUAL sex“ as sole gain?
The underlying word here is CONSENSUAL.

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Some of the comments like “ The guy chop so atika “ etc..

Who told you the woman didn’t benefit or enjoy ?

Why did she consent in the first place?

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Except , you forced yourself on her ; which is RAPE and you will rot in jail for that, know that when women give consent, it’s because it takes 2.
It is not only for your gain, it benefits both parties. So learn to say “we chopped each other” or “we had sex together” or “we chopped ourselves” or “we made love”. Most of you will just be saying “he chop am” as if she didn’t chop him too!”

See her post below;


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