“Leave Africa for the UK because the people there are sick, poor and hungry” – White man tries to influence lady doctor; check her reply

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"Leave Africa for the UK because the people there are sick, poor and hungry" – White man tries to influence lady doctor; check her reply

The issue of white supremacy is never going away soon and the global perception of Africa as a land of nothingness is never dying anytime soon.

Dr Halima Abubakar is a young Nigerian medical doctor who gave out her number to a White man who she perceived as a gentleman at the initial stages of their conversation.

Harry Watkins after receiving the personal contact of this lady doctor decided to contact her and express profound gratitude for allowing him to have his contact which appears to be very dear to him.

Dr Halima Abubakar

Dr Halima Abubakar also replied warmly. Harry then went on to woo this lady by bragging about his wealth and how he is ready to change the life of the lady doctor as if her life is not changed already. Harry said “Wealth” is his middle name which implies that he has a lot of money to splash on the lady doctor if she so wishes. A cunning way to flatter a woman, I guess.

Dr Halima Abubakar thanked him for the compliment but sorrily said she is very busy at the hospital because she has patients to attend to and will avail herself for a long chat when she finds time.

This did not go down with suprematist Harry who started to give reasons why Dr Halima must abandon the patients to die and pay attention to him. In fact, he replied by saying:

“Come on Hally. Why suffer yourself in Africa with all those sick, hungry people when you can talk with me and have an awesome life.” 

Dr Halima Abubakar

Harry went on to say he is ready to arrange for Dr Halima to leave the poor medical conditions of Africa behind and move to Birmingham in the United Kingdom and she will help her work in the exquisite Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Harry was not only a poor braggart but an ignorant racist.

Dr Halima Abubakar examined these words carefully with shock and nicely replied by saying:

“Dear Mr Harry Watkins, I beg that you stop addressing me in that manner and Africans ain’t sick and hungry if you must know. I love my job and every life in Africa is worth everything to me and service to my people is everything to me.”

Check Out Screenshots Of Their Chats Shared On Twitter By Dr Halima Abubakar.

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