“Leave Your Hometown If You Want To Make It In Life, Support Doesn’t Come From Familiar Faces”-Nigerian Lady Says

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There are various interesting theories on how an individual could make it in life. Motivational speakers have been trying to do a better job of helping people try the best they can to enable them to make it in life.

To a lady believed to be Nigerian, one thing to do if you desire to make it in life is to leave your local village for another place far from your own people.

An individual’s success somewhat depends on others and the contributions they make to other people who are struggling.

The Nigerian lady believes, and it is somewhat the case, that support that one needs to make it in life most often doesn’t come from familiar faces, and it is on this basis that she is admonishing anyone who desires to make it in life to leave their hometown.

The lady who uses the Twitter handle; @barungi17 dished out this advice on the microblogging site on Friday.

“If you want to make it in Life, Move away from your Hometown, because support doesn’t come from Familiar faces,” she wrote.

Below is the screenshot of her tweet;


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