LEGENDARY VIBES: Ghbase Celebrates The Famous OSIBISA Band

The maiden edition of LEGENDARY VIBES, Ghbase.com, Ghana’s Favourite Entertainment Blog, Celebrates Osibisa Music Band. Legendary Vibes is an initiative by GHbase.com to celebrate the works of Ghanaian artistic personalities.


A Quick Biography


Osibisa, one of the greatest band ever, which took the world music by surprise was founded in London in 1969 by four expatriate Africans or better still Ghanaians and three Caribbean musicians. The name Osibisa was described in lyrics, album notes and interviews as meaning “criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness” but it actually comes from “osibisaba” the Fante word for highlife.


The core players behind the formation of this band who cannot be left out are Teddy Osei, Sol Amarfio, Mac Tontoh, Spartacus R, Robert Bailey, Wendell Richardson, Lasisi Amao, Fred Kola, Mamon Shareef, Farhan Freere, Kiki Gyan and others. Simply put, Osibisa was a multitude of unique talents whose versatility and impact in the world of music cannot be underrated.


Their music was a fusion of African, Caribbean, jazz, funk, rock, Latin and Rhythms and Blues (R&B). This clearly shows they were a force to reckon with as they infused virtually all the genres of music that can make every music lover embrace their works. Their ground-breaking blend of African rhythms with Rock and Soul made their music appeal as much to the African as it did to the European or American.


They played an integral role in developing an awareness of African music among European and North American audience in the 1970s. They continually released countless number of hit songs that went viral in the world of music as their music projects trended like a spring of well in those times. Their debut album, ‘Woyaya’ was an instant hit as it could be heard virtually all over in the world where music lives.


Not undermining their spectacular achievements in the world of music within the shortest possible time since Osibisa’s band hit the limelight, their music gradually faded out in the mid-1980s for several reasons and the group broke up. However, they occasionally staged reunion concerts but to little avail.


To give much respect by Ghbase.com, Ghana’s Favourite Entertainment Blog to Osibisa band is to review five (5) of their biggest hits of all time since its inception among their numerous songs.


Osibisa -Woyaya


One of the greatest songs ever produced by Osibisa Band was titled ‘Woyaya’, which means we’re going…. Life as they say is an endless struggle of human beings where humanity cannot see widely afar as to what life has in stock for him or her. However, it’s only the Heavens who know where we’re going and how we’ll get there (destinations). Simply, the content in ‘Woyaaya’ attributes the Heavens or better still God (ultimate reality) to be the source of all knowledge.


Download Woyaya by Osibisa from the link below:





Osibisa – The Warrior


Indeed, as the title of the song speaks for itself, the term warrior is basically used to imply men at war or simply a fighter. A vivid scrutiny of the lyrics of warrior by Osibisa in the Akan setting can be used to represent the incantations of men who are ready for war. Therefore, to liken this idea to that of the Osibisa’s Band creates the impression of how powerful they’re in the world of music. Thus, the force behind Osibisa is very powerful and they’re ready to match their contenders. I quote a line in the song to support “The vultures fly, the wind is high, the warrior fights, the battle of power! Death is late, the battle of power!”


Download Warrior by Osibisa from the link below:




Osibisa – Welcome Home


Welcome is literary a form of gesture or better still a greeting phrase or word used to receive a visitor warmly in our various homes. In Akan, we say ‘AKWAABA’ when someone who travels away returns home safely. Now, Osibisa used the term ‘welcome’ in a more romantic way as the tone modulation in the song clearly shows. Welcome home was their sixth studio album and it was a smash hit.


Download Welcome home by Osibisa from the link below:





Osibisa – Sunshine


Here, Osibisa used the twilight part of the day where humanity experiences sunshine in more of a motivational sense than its literal meaning. The content inspires every listening ear to keep on doing whatever he or she’s is doing hoping that success will he achieved by hook or crook or someday.
Download Sunshine by Osibisa from the link below:




Osibisa – Celebration


Truly, there comes a time in our lives when no matter how the case be, we’ve got to reap positive results at the end of our hard work and toils. Thus, celebration crowns everything even when things are not going on well as we expect, we’ve got to find time and make ourselves happy. Therefore, Osibisa preached about the message of extreme happiness as far as human beings are concerned. Thus, the idea of leisure is clearly exemplified within the contest of the song titled ‘Celebration’ by Osibisa.


Download Celebration by Osibisa from the link below:





By: Adu Sarpeah (Content creator @Ghbase.com)


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