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Leila Djansi tells her side of the story after Kafui Danku called her a ‘childish liar” & said she begged her for money

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Leila Djansi has responded to ‘fearo’ actress Kafui Danku after she accused her of badmouthing her and described her as a childish liar.

We would have been surprised if Leila had not come out to explain considering how demeaning the things Kafui said about her were.

Kafui Danku later apologised for bringing that drama on Social media but didn’t apologise to Leila for calling her a childish liar and suggesting that she’s broke by telling the world that, Leila came begging her for some thousands of dollars.

Umm, so per Leila’s side of the story, she didn’t beg Kafui for money for her personal use like Kafui implied but she had asked her to speak to her husband to share a fundraiser to help a little girl called Doris who had an issue with her eyes.

So Leila started a fundraiser on GoFundme and you can check all the details here.

According to Leila, Kafui had told her, she would ask the husband and see but help came so she sent a text to Kafui that, it wouldn’t be necessary again as she’s gotten the amount of money she needed.

And from Leila’s narration, someone told Kafui Danku that, she Leila was spreading gossip that, her (Kafui) husband is broke and that’s what angered Kafui Danku.

It seems Kafui didn’t apply wisdom and patience and hurriedly rushed to Social media to disgrace Leila Djansi based on what someone had told her that, Leila said that about her husband.

And from her first post, which she’s since deleted in shame, she herself revealed that, she called Leila once and she did not pick—I mean you call someone at dawn and they didn’t pick, so you decided to use Social media? Even me, if you call me at 7AM and I am not expecting your call, I’m not picking it up.

They say, there are always two sides of a story, we’ve heard Kafui’s part, and now Leila has said her part.

Read Leila’s explanation below and deduce for yourself but for us, based on this, if Kafui cannot confidently mention her source to shame Leila, then she should bow her head in shame for embarrassing Leila like that and creating a very bad impression:

Leila’s explanation now below:

“Welp. This is embarrassing. I might need to burn my Ghana passport after this because it is too much.

I want to apologize to every respectable person on this my Facebook page. I wish I could insulate you and myself from this. it so embarrassing to say the least. But, since it’s already headlines in Ghana, it’s best I soil myself and redeem my image before you.

There is a young actress in Ghana who I have always liked because we belong to the same tribe. In the past couple of months, I have been mentoring her and she has also gone above and beyond to support my cause to raise funds for Baby Doris.

Few weeks, ago, we were told Doris required another chemo round and we need 5,000 dollars. I was at the end of my rope with people to call for money. I had exhausted my own personal funds in the middle of a pandemic.

I called Confidence Haugen and begged her to ask her husband to donate, big. He did.

I reached out to most of you here to beg, literally beg for money. Many of you did.

I called Ama K and gave my movie library to Dominion TV in exchange for 1000 dollars. I gave a list of names to Ama and asked her to hustle those folks for funds since I didn’t have a direct link except to one person who I was banking on as last resort.

I called Kafui Danku and said to her : I have a friend who shares the same circle of friends with your husband, do you think your husband would be willing to share the fund raiser among his colleagues to raise the 5000? Her response in short was she would ask him.

Two days later, my back up source graciously gave us the money and I sent Kafui a message and I quote “Norvi, we raised the 5k. So please don’t bother our husband”.

That was the end of the fund raising for baby Doris.

Saturday, Kafui and I had a long drawn out conversation about movie credits and I was encouraging her to share credit and get a contract with someone she was having copyright issues with. She wanted to sell to Netflix, I provided her the process and went ahead to give her the details of another buyer.Sunday, I sent her a funny Ewe video and we both laughed.

Monday morning, I get a call from her at 5:49am. I refused to answer. Too early. 8am, I get a call from Doris’s caregiver in India. I freak out and pick up, groggy. She was singing, asking me to calm down. Calm down about what, I asked her? She Kafui Danku wrote something about you on Facebook. I picked up my phone and saw an abusive message from kafui. I called her, she didn’t respond. I texted her the attached message.

Apparently, someone had told someone, I had told them that Kafui’s husband is broke and doesn’t have money. Me, at my old age, will still be engaging in he said she said. No problem.

I called Ama K and I called Confidence Haugen asking them, guys, did I tell you guys that I asked Kafui to ask her husband to raise funds? they both said no. We don’t remember you telling us that.

I literally checked my phone log to see who I might have said that to.

I honestly do not remember. Kafui is vehemently protecting her source. Which is all well and good. But, I am tired of the character assassination. One of the reasons I walked out of the Ghana film industry has been due to LIES. Fabricated stories. Things you’ve not said or done, you are accused of doing. I asked Kafui herself to repeat to me stuff she’s heard about me so I defend or accept. She told me some and I opened up to what was the truth or what triggered whatever. I ask that question of a lot of people. What have you heard about me?

I have very few friends I discuss issues with in Ghana. Zoree, Confidence, Ama K, Akofa Djankui, Ludwig, Maame, and Tina. Maame (previously) and Tina work closely with me. They know everything about me because they keep some of my property for insurance and my mother calls them if she doesn’t hear from me. Outside of these people, whomever I may I have told that Kafui Danku’s husband is broke, please remind me. If I did I will issue a public apology to Kafui and her husband. I am very careful around Ghanaians because in 2012, I had a very nasty experience when someone who was supposed to be my manager was gathering blackmail information on me.I am not going to sit here and say i do not engage in salacious conversation. neither can anyone else. BUT, I can beat my chest and say I do not have any conversation with anyone that does not involve something that has to do directly with me. If Ama offends me, I will tell Akofa this is what Ama did to me. If my sister offends me, I tell my Mom this is what she did.

Ghanaian bloggers, be very careful with how you print one sided stories. I have come to my wits end I am very tired of the numerous stories out there in Ghana about me 90% of which are lies. I sat in a taxi when he driver was talking to me about me. How he knows Leila Djansi very well. I was in that taxi with Maame Dufie. I asked “You know Leila Djansi”, he said “yes. Her sister is married to my brother.” This what I deal with every day. Gossip. Lies, fabricated stories from people who have never met me, spoken to me or worked with me.

Please, if you hear something about me, call me, confront me and tell me, “Peter said you said this, is it true” and give me an opportunity to defend myself or confess and ask for forgiveness. Ain’t no one ever died of begging for forgiveness.

If Kafui could please tell me who I said it to, it would actually help me know my friends. Because the insect that destroys the leaf, is under the leaf.

There are always 3 sides to a story”.

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