Leonard Francois ; Facts about Naomi Osaka’s Coach and Father

Leonard Francois Is a renowned Tennis Coach known very well as the outstanding father of a famous and professional Tennis Player Naomi Osaka. Leonard was born in a small City of jacmel in Haiti.

Naomi is currently the boss at the US and Australian Open singles class. Her position in the Women’s Tennis Association is number one. Naomi won back to back two grand slam in the US Open in 2018 and American Open in 2019.

Leonard Francois Early Life

Leonard didn’t have an easy life at the start. Leonard first travelled to Japan during the 1990’s when the Japan embassy allowed the first phase of foreigners into their country.

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Leonard Francois Marriage to Tamaki Osaka

Leonard is known as a lovely spouse to Tamaki Osaka, a Japanese and a great personality of a woman he met during his days in New York while at the University level.

Leonard met his wife Tamaki at a time Japan was strict about racial purity and many children grew up with this ideologies.

Things turn up quickly between them and they began dating, after years of a Romantic affair, they finally finally decided to get married. Their union was blessed with two lovely children. Their first child is named Mari who was born on April 3, 1996 in Japan and the second child being Naomi Osaka was born on October 16, 1997 who will now go on to be the big name that brings the entire Osaka Family to the limelight.

Leonard Francois
Leonard Francois And his daughter Naomi Osaka

Because of the Japan’s culture by then, Leonard and Tamaki has to hide their mutual relationship on its early stage. Taking into consideration how racism against people is still prevalent in most part, we can imagine how it was to them by then.

However, prior to their wedding, Tamaki revealed her relationship with Leonard which her family didn’t accept in good fate hence accusing Leonard of her of tarnishing their family name.

Though things were like this, they secretly marry. After the birth of their two children, the family of Tamaki isolated her for over fifteen years until 2008 when they returned to Japan.

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Relationship with his children 

Leonard is someone who cares like a mother to his children. He can’t be missed in the success history of his children and people around him.

Leonard also guided his children into the world of Tennis. He introduced and encouraged his daughter Naomi in the field of the Tennis ball which helped her to soar higher in her career.

About his daughter Naomi Osaka

Her daughter Naomi Osaka is the young girl from Japan who defeated Serena Williams and won the USOpen title in 2018 and 2019. Due to her win, she became very popular and trends on social media.

One of the most prominent people that was responsible for Noami’s success is his father Leonard Francois.

Leonard’s dream of making Naomi even more than the Williams sister came into reality after he focused of coaching her to become an unbeaten tennis player in the world of Tennis.


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