Thursday, December 3, 2020

‘Let’s See ‘Covid-19 Corpses’ On TV To Show Ghanaians Disease is Not A Joke’ – Mr Alban Sumana Bagbin

Parliament resumed on Tuesday after a long break owing to Covid-19 and during one of the discussions on the floor, the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Alban Sumana Bagbin has asked a more ‘pragmatic approach’ in raising awareness towards the fight against the pandemic.

In his view, Covid-19 patients, including those who have died from the disease should be shown on national television (which he calls the shock therapy) to drive home the message that the disease is not a fallacy as some people tend to believe.

“Awareness creation, education, when a leader, you must know the people you are leading well.”

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“In Ghana, my dear Minister for Communication was saying that even though we don’t see God, we believe that God exists.”

“You cannot see God because God is spirit, it is not the same for this disease, they are not spirits. But the important thing is that the people we are leading, they want to see.”

“In fact, I want to see on TV some evidence of death because when you state that this number of people are dead but they are not seeing anything like that [it will not give them the shock of their life].”

“I believe in the shock therapy. We need shock therapy to wake them up from slumber and make them know COVID-19 is real,” Mr Bagbin said.

Ghana’s Coronavirus case count increased to 5,918 after 183 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

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