Letter To A-Plus: A-Plus Is An Awful Hypocrite Whose Source Of Livelihood Revolves Around The Benevolence Of Politicians-‘Angry’ Mawuli To A-Plus

Dear Kwame A Plus, Please do not subject your IQ to any further damage. It has suffered enough! If you truly love your country just about as much as I would presume, then please do us a big favour and go for a vasectomy. Aside your disgusting hypocrisy, we believe that people of Ghana also deserve the right to be spared the indignity of having to keep up with your dumb kids, given that there is a greater probability that you might pass on your traits onto the next generation.

I understand you are doing your best to remain relevant considering the fact that your source of livelihood only revolves around the benevolence of politicians in the country. Well, you are doing great given that in Ghana, the cheapest way to propel yourself to fame is to be stupidly​ stupid. The level headed Ghanaians are hardly known.

I am reaching out to you because of your recent affinity to defaming some personalities in the country.
Your recent rage on the personality of M.anifest and his family, goes to vindicate award winning Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, regarding the recent comment he passed about the young KNUST graduate who was found selling bread on the streets. In my personal opinion I found nothing wrong with what he said. But opportunists like you took advantage of the moment to skew his comment to suit your intepretation. Thanks to the power of social media it made waves and John Dumelo had to apologise in the process.

My job today is to point out your awful hypocrisy and double standards. You hold the view that M.anifest shouldn’t be a musician or rapper given the level of education he has attained. Well, I have good news for you… Research has shown that M.anifest is not the only “highly educated” musician in the history of the country. Illustrous sons like Okyeame Kwame, Kontihene, Deborah Vanessa and host of others hold an MBA in diverse disciplines and are still pursuing their music careers. Award winning Ghanaian Reggae musician Knii Lante is a Medical Doctor with an MbChB and Celebrated Ghanaian Grammy award nominee Rocky Dawuni holds an MPhil. I have never heared you poke your nose into their affairs. You have never chastised Okyeame Kwame nor Kontihene for the path they had chosen but when M.anifest decides to follow his passion to revolutionalize the music industry it becomes a sacrilege or a crime. I have tried so hard to find the word that best describes you. Apparently, there isn’t any.

Your assertion is subject to many interpretations, one of which implies that Music as a career is uniquely meant for the non-educated ones. You are a big apology to Prof. Emeritus J.H. Nketia and many other illustrous professors of music whose toils and sacrifices have brought our nation to its present glory .

This is an insult to every musican in Ghana and all over the world. It is as a matter of fact an insult to the discerning music listeners in the country.

I am very sure that you harrassed John Dumelo obviously because he he declared his support for the NDC during the immediate past national elections…It becomes evidently clear that you are throwing some punches at M.anifest because of his Dad’s affiliation to the NDC party. The question is had Mr. Allan Kyeremanteng’s son been a well celebrated rapper , would you have maintained your stance that he has wasted his father’s investment?

A plus, didn’t your parents send you to school to learn, pass your exams, proceed to centers of higher learning and find yourself a good career just like M.anifest, Okyeame Kwame, Knii Lante, Kontihene, Iwan, Efya, Irene Logan, Ricky Dawuni, Obour etc did? Can we also infer that your days in school have been a total waste considering the fact that you are fed by politicians when their political party is in power and your music career died as early as the life span of mosquitoes?

Some few days ago, I saw a post of you, referring to law numbers 5 & 6 of Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power. I figured out that you dont understand english after all… Because if you did, you wouldnt have attacked peoples personalities… I have read that book for a little about 7 times already; and if law number 5 says “so much depends on your reputation – Guard it with your life”, please explain to me how you hope to protect your reputation by insulting others.

Does this make sense to you? How do you process your thoughts and what you read from the books?

Talking about law number 6, I think you are doing so well… In case you have forgotten, I would like to jog up your low memory a little… Law number 6 says “Always court attention at all cost”… In Ghana, one of the shortest way to popularity is to be stupid. Many stupid people like you have been able to propel their way to fame so I congratulate you for being stupid.. Sometimes it pays.

Frederick Mawuli Ackumey
aka Diwo Fie Asem


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Ghbase Staff

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