Level 300 ICT student of UENR beaten by other students who mistook him for a thief 

A 24-year-old University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) level 300 Information Communication Technology student was hospitalized after being beaten nearly to death by other students who accused him of being a thief.

The victim, William Thompson Jnr., was returning late from the school’s SRC week celebration with several other coworkers when he was victimized by extrajudicial injustice.

According to UTV, as they were on their way home, one of his colleagues in whose company he complained of a stomach ache and opted to visit one of the hostels’ washrooms.

They decided to follow up after waiting a decent amount of time and he did not return.

Thompson was confronted by some inhabitants on one of the levels of the story building hostel while searching for their friend who had gone to the washroom.

He explained himself, but four male classmates attacked him with electric wires and canes, among other things, and flogged him to death.

It wasn’t until Thompson’s pals and the person who had visited the loo returned and couldn’t locate him that they began to look for him as well.

Then they heard someone yelling for aid and went to the location, only to find him helplessly battered.

The incident was reported to UENR officials, and one of the offenders was apprehended, while the remaining three have already departed the hostel.

According to reports, the assailants suspected Thompson of taking their phones and other valuables. He was seriously injured on his face, back, and other portions of his body.

He was transported to the university hospital at first, but owing to the severity of his injuries, physicians advised that he be transferred to the regional hospital.


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