Liam Hemsworth Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

He first rose to fame for his roles as Marcus on the children’s television program “The Elephant Princess” and Josh Taylor in the soap opera “Neighbours.” Since then, he has established himself as a big star in the “Hunger Games” film franchise. What is Liam Hemsworth net worth today?

Hemsworth is well recognized for his relationship with American singer-actress Miley Cyrus, even though he has made a name and reputation for himself as an actor through his work.

They got to know one another while they were co-stars in the 2009 romance movie “The Last Song.”

This article, though, is not about her relationship with Miley Cyrus, but how much money he has made in his career.

As an actress and also a singer, Miley Cyrus may have just made more money than him, but we will see exactly how much Liam Hemsworth net worth is in this article.

Liam Hemsworth Net Worth: Biography

On January 13, 1990, Liam Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia.

His father, Craig Hemsworth, is a social services counselor, and his mother, Leonie, teaches English.

Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth, two of his older brothers, are both actors.

His ancestors hail from the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany.

Hemsworth has stated that the brothers’ friendly competition “is a positive thing” because it “pushes” them, in reference to whether or not they compete against one another for jobs.

Hemsworth’s entire family moved to Phillip Island when he was in year 8—the Australian equivalent of middle school.

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He spent a lot of time surfing and hanging out with his brothers on the little island southeast of Melbourne.

Now a celebrated actor, what could Liam Hemsworth net worth be?

Liam Hemsworth Net Worth

The young man made his money off of acting.

In high school, Hemsworth first began acting, following in the footsteps of his older brothers.

He had his first professional audition when he was sixteen years old after receiving an agency.

He soon started making guest appearances on Australian television programs like “Home and Away” and “McLeod’s Daughters.”

He began appearing as the athletic paraplegic Josh Taylor in the Australian serial series “Neighbours” in 2007. He stayed in the position until 2008.

Luke Hemsworth, the older brother of Hemsworth, had previously appeared on “Neighbours.”

In 2008, he then joined the Australian children’s television cast of “The Elephant Princess” as the lead guitarist of the main character’s band.

Following this, he took on minor roles in movies and television shows like the 2009 drama “Knowing” and the British psychological thriller “Triangle” (2009).

Today, the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth net worth is a bit huge. He is estimated to have earned $28 million in his career so far.

In 2014, a $6.8 million home he bought in Malibu got razed down by fire. He lived there with Miley Cyrus.

Liam spent $4 million on a house in Byron Bay, Australia, in 2019.

He has been able to acquire all these and more because of the money he has made in his career so far.

So is Liam Hemsworth still married to Miley Cyrus?

Is Liam Hemsworth married to Miley Cyrus?

Liam Hemsworth was married to Miley Cyrus but their marriage lasted for only a few years as they got divorced later on.

During the 2009 production of their co-starring romantic comedy “The Last Song,” Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got to know one another.

In June 2012, after three years of on-again, off-again dating, the pair made an engagement announcement.

Although they shared a home in Los Angeles, they broke up in September 2013.

They started dating once more and moved in together. Cyrus announced their engagement in October 2016.

They married in their Nashville, Tennessee, home in December 2018.

But in August 2019, less than a year after Cyrus had announced their split, Hemsworth formally filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

In January 2020, they declared that their divorce was legally finalized.

Is Liam Hemsworth net worth anywhere closer to that of Miley Cyrus net worth?


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