“Lights are going off in many parts of Ghana” – Mahama’s Nigerian friend Dele Momodu alleges; Ghanaians react

"Lights are going off in many parts of Ghana" – Mahama's Nigerian friend Dele Momodu alleges; Ghanaians react

Ghanaians have launched a stiff social media war against Chief Dele Momodu, a personal friend to former President Mahama over his allegation that lights are going off in Ghana.

His allegation is motivated by his idea that the governing party is turning lights off in order to carry out with purported vote-rigging tactics.

In a tweet, the Nigerian businessman and journalist said he has received reports from Ghana that the lights are going off in a subtle attempt to suggest that the counting of the ballot is being tempered with.

This assertion did not go down well with Ghanaians who have reacted sharply to Dele Momodu’s tweet.

@Martindebresu replied: The president @NAkufoAddo is the only culprit here. He has asked the authorities to turn off lights so that his party hoodlums can try to rig the elections, but they will fail.

@WorkWithSimpey: You’re a grown man.. respect yourself.

@Queenpriscil replied: Please don’t come and fuel any biased analysis in our country to create tension, I’m in Ghana and I have lights. Yes your friends party is loosing, and it’s obvious you want to help him peddle falsehood. The Battle is still the Lords #ghanaelections2020 #NanaIsTheRightChoice

@Ohemaxx wrote: Deal with your country man There’s light out at some places so ? Have we asked you for electricity? Focus

Other replies to Dele Momodu’s tweet are as follows:



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