After the death of Ebony, there have been several prophecies about other celebrities who would soon taste death if they don’t pray or follow some prophetic steps. The situation got some celebrities angry and they attacked these prophets on Social media.

Just recently, a prophet known as Michael Kojo Poku of Fire Time Prayer Ministry disclosed that Lil Win was the next to die if he did not come to him for deliverance. Issues of death is not one that anyone would want to hear and the management of Lil Win have reacted on what steps they have taken.

According to Lil Win’s manager, Abdul Razak in an interview on Radio Univers mentioned that they have decided to pray over it and thus have visited a pastor and a mallam for advice and solution to avert the prophecy.


“I believe in my religion so I’ve called my father; we have done the needful. I’m not scared, Kwadwo [Lilwin] is not scared either. We have told his pastor, they’ve prayed over it. I also called my father. My father is a Mallam,” he told host, Abrantepa. “We mistake Mallams to be ‘juju men’. No, a Mallam is a teacher. My great-grandfather is a Mallam, my grandfather is a Mallam, [and] my father is a Mallam.”

“I’m a Muslim, I believe in my religion. My father told me to respect everything God has created. He told me to take a step in issues like this. God reveals to redeem so we thank him [the prophet]. However, what I know is prophecies concerning individuals are not supposed to be made public. Ideally, you find a means to reach out to management,” the calm manager remarked.

He served notice of an intention to take legal actions against any prophet who replicates the act saying, “it is becoming unbecoming. Next time, we will sue.”

lil win to endorse npp
Lil Win


Meanwhile, Chairman of the Church of Pentecost Apostle Prof. Opoku Oyinah has condemned the growing tendency of some ‘prophets’ who go public with their doom prophecies. He said it is needless and wrong to stand in public to relay what one believes to be a message from God which could spell grave danger to the object of the message.

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