Lili Reinhart Daughter, Age, Height, Husband, Movies

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Lili Reinhart Daughter and who she is, is just on of the several things that people discuss about whenever they have conversations about the American actress.

Questions of who Lili Reinhart daughter is and whether she even has one are always raised in these conversations about her.

In this feature, we have thoroughly surfed the net and have gathered some information about Lili Reinhart and who her daughter is.

e also have in this feature the age, height, husband and the movies that the actress has featured in thus far in her career.

Who is Lili Reinhart?

Lili Reinhart daughter
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Lili is an American actress and author.

She became popular when she portrayed Betty Cooper on The CW teen drama series Riverdale and Annabelle in Lorene Scafaria’s black comedy crime drama film Hustlers.

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Lili Reinhart was born on September 13, 1996, in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States of America.

Lili has two sisters, namely; Tess Reinhart, and Chloe Reinhart, who are both social media personalities.


Around the age of 10, she developed a relentless passion for the arts and began singing, dancing, and acting.

She allegedly begged her mom to drive her all the way to New York all the time for auditions.

At the age of 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally.


Lili was born in 1996.

She is relatively young and thriving in her profession with more years ahead of her to make her mark on the movie industry.

With many more years ahead of her, Lili Reinhart is currently 26 years old. She will turn 27 in September 2022.


Though Lili is not very tall, her height is good for an actress.

At the moment, she stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches.

Lili Reinhart daughter

Lili Reinhart daughter
Lili Reinhart

This article, from the information given, thus far, is more of a profile of Lili than it is about her daughter.

But would you blame us when there is actually no Lili Reinhart daughter to talk about? I bet you won’t.

Having got engaged and splitter from Cole Sprouse, Lili is yet to have any children of her own, it is the reason we say there isn’t any Lili Reinhart daughter to talk about.

What we do have for you is that Lili Reinhart often refers to someone known as Elsie Eats as her daughter and that is the only person that we can talk about as being Lili’s daughter.

Not much information is available about her–Elsie Eats–as such, we aren’t able to go into who she is and how she came to be known and referred to as Lili’s daughter.


Lili, as of the publication of this article, is alone.

Lili was engaged to Cole Sprouse.

However, the two have officially split in January 2020 and are living their separate lives.

Lili’s movies

What movies have Lili’a featured in since her career began?

As an actress, Lili has been featured in a number of world-class movies, some of which include the following; Chemical Hearts, Charlie’s Angels, Hustlers, and Galveston.

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