Lina Engel Wikipedia: Criminal Charge And Trial

The country was shocked in February by a string of violent assaults carried out in Budapest by suspected far-left extremists from Italy, Germany, and Hungary.

In the nation, such political violence is unusual. The group’s leader is still at large even though several arrests have been made in connection with the case.

Johann G., who has reportedly hidden himself, is one of the suspects, according to the German news site Der Spiegel. In Dresden, his fiancée is currently facing charges.

The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) of Saxony’s findings claim that Johann G., or “Gucci,” was one of roughly 20 suspects who allegedly went in search of what they believed to be right-wing extremists following a neo-Nazi conference in Budapest. During the attack, it is reported that nine of them were hurt.

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Lina Engel Wikipedia

Lina Engel is currently not available on Wikipedia. We hope to see her profile on the platform soon. However, Johann Guntermann, the revered founder of the notorious Hammerbande (Hammer Gang), is engaged to Lina Engel, the imprisoned Antifa leader.

He has spent the last three years in hiding. Guntermann is charged with participating in the assault from February. A team of police experts identified the individual after reviewing CCTV footage from the Budapest event.

Der Spiegel reports that the far-left individual known as Gucci has been named by the Saxony State Criminal Police (LKA) as one of the nation’s most violent anti-fascists.

He was one of about 20 people who, according to reports, searched Budapest for right-wing extremists in February.

It is uncertain how he entered the country given that he is a wanted man in Europe. The eight victims—who were picked at random because they were wearing military-style clothing—were beaten in Budapest, leaving some of them seriously hurt.


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