Linda Ikeji reacts after Caroline Danjuma accused her of ruining her marriage

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Caroline had taken to Instagram to slam Linda for propagating falsehoods about her including saying one of her kids wasn’t for her husband which ultimately tumbled her marriage. A post the thespian made to this effect read:

“Part of the reason why my marriage broke was because of Linda. I reached out to her she didn’t care. I handed her court papers, she didn’t care.

Linda lied about my age, I reached out to her, Linda wrote that my daughter was for another man, I reached out to her, she didn’t care and you sit there to defend your family.

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I have family too, I have children that look up to me, I have people that fight for me. Don’t sit down there and tell me u want to slap me when your sister wrote about daughter.

My daughter has 2 f*cking holes in her hearts, did you know how I coped with that? Do you think I am happy to be divorced. From the moment I got married, Linda was in my bu*t, I didn’t snatch my husband from your sister.

I love your sister so much and I respect her so much. I don’t know why she hates me. If you say you want to slap me for my sister, I will kill you. I got married for love and not money and I loved my husband and even till today.”

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Reacting to the accusations, Linda Ikeji said she has never published any story of that sort about Caroline and has no idea what her beef with her is all about.


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