Lindsay Shiver Parents: Meet Cecilia D. Shirley And Andy Shirley

She is in the news for haven been accused of conspiring with others to commit murder. Lindsay Shiver parents may not be the happiest people at the moment as they may struggle to come to terms with why their daughter would do something like that. What do you know about Cecilia D. Shirley and Andy Shirley?

In this article, we are going to delve into the subject of who her parents are and what has happened to her.

What Happened to Lindsay?

The ex-beauty pageant queen stands accused of plotting to murder her college football star husband, Robert Shiver, amid a contentious custody battle, triggered by her involvement in an extramarital affair.

Shiver and her co-defendants were granted bail as prosecutors retracted their objection, citing discussions with her husband, as reported by Bahamas CourtNews.

Lindsay Shiver parents will be relieved that she has been granted bail, but that by no means suggests that the case is over.

Late Tuesday, a Bahamian Supreme Court judge granted Shiver bail, just one day after her emergency bail application was initially denied.

Her estranged husband has returned to their residence in Thomasville, Georgia, and despite the alleged cold-blooded plot, he hasn’t had the heart to inform their three young sons about their mother’s imprisonment yet.

The couple’s expansive multi-million-dollar estate became the focal point of their bitter breakup, which had been kept secret while Shiver portrayed a picture-perfect family life on social media.

Additionally, the family possesses a home in the Bahamas, where Lindsay supposedly began her affair with Bethel.

Shiver’s arrest followed a break-in investigation at a local bar on July 16, during which potentially incriminating WhatsApp messages were discovered, outlining the plan and sent by a suspect.

It is alleged that she and Bethel conspired to hire a hitman, Newbold, to carry out the murder of her husband, who had initiated divorce proceedings after discovering their affair.

After authorities pinpointed the three suspects, they were arrested on the island of Guana and subsequently transported to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, as the nation only has one prison.

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Lindsay Shiver Parents: Meet Cecilia D. Shirley And Andy Shirley

The Georgia couple was due to clash on July 20 in Thomas County Superior Court, where they had separately filed counterclaims in an adversarial custody dispute, four days after the plot was uncovered.

Well, these are the reasons for which Lindsay Shiver has been in the news, and Lindsay Shiver parents, Cecilia D. Shirley and Andy Shirley may be wondering just what came over their daughter to have committed what she was alleged to have committed.

Robert and Lindsay met at Auburn University in 2007, when Robert was the football team’s captain, and Lindsay graduated from Auburn.

Robert is the son of Allen Shiver, who led Flowers Foods for more than 40 years as CEO before leaving the $5 billion business in 2019.

Together, the couple has three sons, the youngest of whom is only four years old.

From 2006 to 2008, Robert was a long snapper for Auburn University.

After his college career, he joined the NFL team Atlanta Falcons as a free agent but was released during the initial roster cuts before the 2009 season.

Lindsay, formerly a cheerleader, earned the title of Miss Houston County in 2005 and secured the second position in the National Peanut Festival pageant.

Following the conclusion of his football career, Robert transitioned into the business world and presently holds the position of Executive Vice President at Senior Life Insurance Company, as stated on the agency’s website.

Cecilia D. Shirley and Andy Shirley: Who Are Lindsay Shiver Parents?

Born on 28th October 1986. Lindsay Shiver parents are Cecilia D. Shirley and Andy Shirley, who gave birth to her in Dothan.

Not many details are available about Lindsay Shiver parents, but they made sure she had the best and educated her in some of the best schools out there in America.

Lindsay Shiver graduated from Auburn University.


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