Lisa Lyon cause of death obituary, funeral

Iconic female professional bodybuilder Lisa Lyon passed away aged 70 after battling cancer. Lyon died at her home in California on Friday, a week after news broke that she was in grave condition and going into hospice care.

Lisa was battling stomach cancer according to a close friend that spoke with TMZ. The world champion won the first-ever International Federation of Bodybuilders Women’s World Pro Bodybuilding Championship in 1979.

The following year Lyon posed for Playboy and is said to have inspired Marvel Comics character Elektra.

Lisa Lyon Biography

Lisa Lyon is an American female bodybuilder, model, and actress who gained prominence in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

She is often considered one of the pioneers of women’s bodybuilding and is known for her unique and androgynous look, which challenged traditional notions of femininity and beauty at the time.

Lisa Lyon was born on July 1, 1953, in Los Angeles, California. She began her career as a dancer and later transitioned into bodybuilding.

Lyon worked closely with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who captured her distinctive physique in a series of iconic photographs that played a significant role in popularizing her image.

In addition to her work in the fitness and bodybuilding world, Lisa Lyon also appeared in films and television shows during the 1980s.

She is considered a trailblazer for women in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, helping to pave the way for female bodybuilders and athletes to gain greater recognition and acceptance in the mainstream.

Lisa Lyon’s unique style and contributions to the world of fitness and bodybuilding have made her a notable figure in the history of women’s sports and body image.

Lisa Lyon Cause of Death
Lisa Lyon

Lisa Lyon Cause of Death

After a courageous battle against cancer, iconic female professional bodybuilder Lisa Lyon died away at the age of 70.

On Friday, Lyon passed away at her home in California, one week after it became public knowledge that she was in critical health and would be receiving hospice care.

According to a close friend who shared their thoughts with TMZ, Lisa had been fighting stomach cancer.

In 1979, the woman who would go on to become world champion won the International Federation of Bodybuilders’ Women’s World Pro Bodybuilding Championship for the very first time.

The year after that, Lyon photographed for Playboy, and some people believe that the Marvel Comics character Elektra was inspired by her.



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