It’s Only When We Do A List Of Top 50 or 100 Songs Before A Gospel Song Will Appear’-MUSIGA

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A couple of days ago, the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) released its top 20 most played songs for 2017 which saw sensational Dancehall musician, Ebony taking the number one spot with her hit track Sponsor.

Although no one has challenged the credibility of the compilation, many are wondering why a gospel music couldn’t not make the cut. Explaining this to the media, the Director of Communications and Special Projects of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Ahuma Ocansey aka Daddy Bosco explained that MUSIGA did not determine who should be in the list but rather based on a software introduced by Kisema (a logging system company in Ghana).

He said:

This list is a quantitative base list which was conducted by an agency called Kisema—which engages in an online and digital survey. They have the capacity to monitor airplay in real time. They have the system to plug in and monitor several radio stations nationwide.

Currently, they are covering about 80 percent of the stations in the country. They took playlists of these stations and the software aggregates it. This is a scientific approach.

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He however indicated that it’s only when they are to do a list of top 50 or 100 songs, that a gospel song will appear in it. Daddy Bosco is also of the opinion that this new grading system is good and will help the industry—as event organizers can also determine which artist should be billed for their events if they use the ‘Kisema approach’.

He added:

What Kisema do is very exciting…If the industry buys into their concept we can monitor the playlist of all radio stations and they will be no doubts when it comes to the sharing of royalties. GHAMRO can use Kisema’s software to pay royalties and musicians can also approach them to assess their promotional strength at the various regions in the country.

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