Lists of over 15 businesses owned by Kesse’s former manager; the woman he claimed to have chopped

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Ghanaian musician Kesse and the affair he had with his former manager Joanna Gyan is the talk of the town as we dug to show you photos of the beautiful woman Kesse claimed to have slept with so many times.

Though Kesse says he is no more dating the beautiful CEO anymore since he switched to Gospel music as their relationship was short-lived, we wondered what might have prompted his decision to date and chop down the woman in her early 30’s.

According to our findings, she’s a wealthy woman who finds interest in helping artists with her Multimedia enterprise and moreover, she owns a tall list of businesses any man who finds himself with her would love hang around with her.

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Joana Gyan is a licensed buyer and gold exporter, founder and managing director of Global Empire Legacy Holdings.

Golden Empire Legacy Ltd is the largest gold agent in Ghana. procure gold from local miners and export on a global scale. Joana Gyan is also a business executive and owner of more than 15 companies, including:

* Golden Empire Legacy Ltd
* GEM multimedia Ghana ltd
* Colossus Minerals Ltd
* Joana TV Ltd
* GEM Rhythms Ltd
* The GEM Ltd pub
* KESSE music Ltd
* GELL Golden page Ltd
* GELL Farms Ltd
* GELL Petroleum Ltd
* GELL Real Estate Ltd
* KBA Mining Ltd
* Joana Gyan Foundation
* GELL Timber Ltd
* ZEMA Ghana Jewelry and Fashion School, Ltd
* Royalsekt Ghana Limited



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