Local Vendor Goes Crazy As Woman Dashes Him 500 Cedis To Support His Maize & Peanut Business

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A local vendor has been blessed today as he gets 500 Cedis to support his Maize and Peanut Business, which is locally termed as ‘Abro ne Nkatia’.

It is often said that one good turn deserves another and the good this local vendor did sometime back has earned him this blessing.

The lady was heard in the video saying what the local vendor did for her the other time really touch her heart and she really appreciated what he did.

Apparently the other time the lady bought some of the maize and peanut, her money was not enough but he still made her take it along, hence she also showing appreciation by giving him that amount to support his business.

The local vendor was totally amazed at the kind gesture by the lady, pronouncing blessings on her, and thanking her for the token.

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