Lola Igna cause of death, Wikipedia and age

Lola Igna’s cause of death, Wikipedia and age will be the subject of our discussion today in this report per the search inquiries of netizens.

Lola Igna is a 2019 Filipino comedy film directed and written by Eduardo Roy Jr., and starring veteran actress Angie Ferro, and Yves Flores.

When the mayor of her tiny provincial town says that Lola Igna, a 100-year-old farmer who lives alone in a hut on her ricefield, may become the longest-living grandmother in the history of the world, she attracts media attention.

She surprises everyone when she answers that she wants to die when asked what she wants from life. While Igna tries to go about her daily routine and fend off throngs of reporters and tourists at her home, her granddaughter Nida takes advantage of her grandmother’s newfound fame by marketing themed goods featuring her.

She empties her urinal one day at a young man who turns out to be Tim, her great-grandson from her estranged other granddaughter Ana, who moved out following a dispute with Nida years earlier.

Tim explains that he left her mother to get away from problems at home and is now trying to get in touch with Lola Igna through vlogging. Tim picks up agricultural work fast and assists Igna in gathering wood, which Igna explains will be needed to construct her coffin.

Igna explains that she began making plans for her demise after seeing her deceased husband Carias one night and believing that he was going to take her to the hereafter. Tim is puzzled, but he keeps gathering the wood.

After attending a wake, Lola Igna sobs in front of Tim and declares that the reason she wants to die is because she is tired of going to people’s funerals, especially because she has outlived many of the people she assisted in giving birth as a midwife.

Despite Nida’s objections, Tim continues to make his great-grandmother’s coffin after fully realizing the difficulty of the situation. As Lola Igna opens up to guests and well-wishers, he also demonstrates how to operate his technical equipment. Later, when Ana is expecting, she makes amends with Nida and travels to be with her son and grandma.

Lola Igna cause of death

The movie director, Eduardo Roy Jr, never mentioned Lola Igna’s death cause in his movie. The multi-award-winning film “Lola Igna,” which tells the story of an old woman who waits to die so she can be with her husband, used her story in its plot. When she finds that she might be the oldest person alive, things start to shift.

Lola Igna Wikipedia and age: How old Is Nida’s grandmother?

The movie’s plot, cast and release date of the award-winning movie has been listed on Wikipedia. Nida was mentioned to be 118 years old in the movie. 


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