Looking at how hard the system is, I want to act p0n0 and make money- Kumawood actor Nana Kofi Wusi

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In the words of actor Nana Kofi Wusi- the only alternative to escape the hardship prevailing in the system is to act p0n0.

He then claimed he wants to be the first Ghanaian actor to have his p0no content shared on YouTube. The Kumawood actor made this bold declaration when he had an interview with Osei Kwadwo on AMBASSADOR TV.

He said regardless of the attacks and impediments that would be hurled his way, he is determined to go ahead with his plans.

“If today I get an offer or opportunity to join p*rn movie, I will gladly go for it if only it will give me money and the offer is good. I don’t care what people will say about me what I care is I will get money to feed myself and my family. I will never kill to make money but to join p*rn movie to enjoy yourself and make money at the same time, I will go for it without thinking about it.

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“Despite all the challenges some actors are facing after the industry collapsed, still fuel prices have been increased 7 times within two months while prices of goods and other commodities are going up under President Akufo-Addo’s government,” he lamented.

He said if YouTube does not allow adult contents, he would still have his way in compromising their policy.

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“Even if YouTube allows Ghanaians to upload p*rn content and make money, I will be the first person to shoot p*rn movies in Ghana and upload them on YouTube. It’s not something strange. Even when I’m directing a movie, I want everything to look real so it is prohibited for a lady to wear pants and brazier when I’m directing. If you have to go naked, I will force you to go naked to make everything look real,” he added.

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