Lord have mercy: I collected money from my boyfriend for abortion and gave it to my other guy – Young lady confesses

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A Ghanaian lady dating two men simultaneously has revealed how she obtained money from one of them and handed it to the other.

The lady said she lied to her boyfriend that she was pregnant and asked him for money to do an abortion.

The guy who obviously loves her so much handed the money to her without blinking an eyelid.

The treacherous lady however handed the money to his side lover who she said she was madly in love with and she confidently revealed this during a street quiz.

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Elsewhere, a guy who decided to impress a lady (we have no idea if they are dating) by buying a meal for her at a restaurant and got nothing for himself has been heavily ridiculed.

The guy went out on a date with the lady and ordered a meal for her.

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Unfortunately, he was left with nothing so all he had to do was to stare into an empty space while she enjoyed her meal.

His friends who were in close proximity filmed the moment and teased him for impressing a woman when he has nothing.

”You no get money you dey carry girl go eatery. Who you wan impress?” they teased.

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