Lord Have Mercy: Pastor Teaches Female Members On How They Can Properly Give Their Men ‘Mouth Service’- See Photo 

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The buffoonery that shrouds Chriitanirty has hit a new low after an unnamed African pastor is spotted in a  viral photo showing his female members how they can properly give their men BJ (blow job).

According to cosmopolitan.com, a blow job is when someone puts their partner’s penis in their mouth and proceeds to suck and lick it for the pen!s haver’s pleasure. It also goes by “BJ,” “fellatio,” “oral sex,” or “going down on” someone. The version where someone orally satisfies someone with a vulva is called “cunnilingus” (which can also be swapped out for “oral sex” or “going down on” someone).

This pastor in question was spotted using a cucumber as a practical tool for the female church members. We gathered that the pastor allegedly assisted them all in putting the cucumber in their mouth while he gave them a huge lesson on how best to give lips service for maximum satisfaction.

What’s in God’s name is happening in contemporary churches? Lord have mercy!

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