Lord Kenya should take Moesha, groom and #FixHer into the ministry – Ruthy advises

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Preaching against her past life, Moesha disclosed that she was smoking weed and also used hard drugs.

A few weeks ago, Moesha Buduong announced her repentance in a trending social media video as she shared her testimony in a Church. For her new life. She has deleted all of her skimpy photos from her Instagram page.

However, a lot of buzzes have been going around the repentance of Moesha which beats the imagination of critical thinking minds.

Y’all remember how Afia Schwar and Ayisha Modi not long ago dirtied themselves all in the name of Moesha’s repentance.

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It’s at the back of this that Nhyira Fm’s Ruthy has advised that Evangelist Lord Kenya should consider taking the responsibility of grooming Moesha to fit well in Christendom.

Rutty noted that it’s not easy to forsake the profane world as a celebrity, but Lord Kenya is a living testimony, therefore, he stands a better chance of grooming Moesha unlike Ayisha Modi or Afia Schwar.


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