So Has Lord Paper Become RELEVANT In Ghana’s Music Industry – After Nude Music Video Release?

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Less than 2 months ago, an up and coming musician by name, Lord Paper, set the internet ablaze with what many described as a ‘porn’ or near ‘porn’ music video release.

The music video titled ‘Awuraama’ – portrayed a graphic Lord Paper bonking a lady from behind, smooching her boobs, stimulating her coochie with his finger, amidst other romantic panache.

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Some few minutes after he uploaded the video on YouTube, it was banned – because the content breached YouTube’s policies on nudity. In the heat of the controversy, Lord Paper had the rare privilege of being interviewed on several radio and TV mediums.


Every day, Lord Paper either visited a radio station for interview or had a call from a blogger for interview for publication. Since nudity is somehow embraced by the showbiz industry, Lord’s video was met with mixed opinions and judgments.

Whilst some think the music video is a perfect work of art, others condemned it on moral–lines. But the fact is, in the end, he had free publicity, provoked minds, became relevant as a subject for or of discussion, and got all talking. Some loved him and still do. Others hated him and still do too.

Less than 2 months, no blogger cares to pen even a word on Lord Paper. His songs are not played on radio. His music video never had any TV airplay – and may never get till thy kingdom come. However, he is very active on social media – always posting one thing or the other.

Today, is asking the big question: Has Lord Paper become relevant in Ghana’s music industry – after he released his ‘porn’ or near ‘porn’ music video? If yes –explain, and if no, why? Do you think as Christmas is coming with its associated numerous musical concerts, event organizers will contract him for gigs? Share with us.

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