Lorenzen Wright Children: Who Are The 7 Children of Lorenzen?

Lorenzen Wright was a professional basketball player in the United States born in Oxford, Mississippi on 4 November 1975. He died in Memphis, Tennessee on 19 July 2010. Before passing away, Lorenzen had had 7 children with his ex-wife. In this post, we will look at who Lorenzen Wright’s children are. Keep reading.

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Lorenzen Wright’s Children

Sherra and Lorenze had 7 children in their marriage. One of the children is said to have died during infancy. The list of children is Sierra Wright (born in 2002 but unfortunately died 11 months later), Lorenzen Wright Jr. (born on April 11, 1995), Loren Wright, Lamar Wright, Shamar Wright, Sofia Wright, and Lawson Wright.

Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-wife

Sherra Wright-Robinson is popularly known as the ex-wife of Lorenzen. Before the death of Lorenzen, the two had had 7 children with one passing away during infancy. Sherra was also an author. In July 2019, Sherra was accused of murdering her ex-husband which she pleaded guilty.

She was born in 1971 in Tennessee as an African-American to her father, Julius Robinson, and an unknown mother.

Did Sherra Wright Robinson Kill Lorenzen Wright?

The death of Lorenzen was a huge blow to many and after years of investigation with no hope of arresting the killers, the police placed $21,000 on whoever provided any information. But the police found nothing until 2017 when the gun used for the murder was discovered in Walnut, Mississippi lake.

Billy R. Turner was arrested in relation to killing the basketball player. Sherra Wright Robinson was also arrested for conspiring to murder her husband. Sherra was then sentenced to 30 years in jail.

Why did Sherra Robison Wright Kill Lorenzen?

Sherra revealed during court meetings to her attorney, Juni Ganguli that, Lorenzen constantly abused her and the children. She said the constant abuse left her face disfigured. However, it was also known that the late NBA star was not living together with his ex-wife.

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