love or mumu? Man begins building house for girlfriend to surprise her on her birthday (Watch)

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A Nigerian man has stunned netizens after he unveiled an edifice he is putting up for his girlfriend which he intends to surprise her on her birthday.

Considering the fact the lady in question is not his wife but a mere girlfriend, the man’s remarkable gesture has divided opinions online. 

The young man secretly bought land and started the project, on the blindside of his woman which he intends to officially unveil and hand over to her on her birthday which is a few months away.

In a video posted on social media by a friend, they could be seen on the construction site inspecting the progress.

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His friend who brought this information to the attention of netizens attached this caption to the video he shared; 

He wrote; ”My friend buys land and builds house for his girlfriend. Set to surprise her on her birthday.

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Which kin love be this? I no fit try am sha, continue loverboi”

Elsewhere, a woman has been seen in a video dragging her daughter home from a party she attended at night.

The young woman apparently went to the party without any permission and when her disciplinarian of a mother got wind of her escapades, she stormed the place in her nightie to teach her a lesson.

The video clearly shows the mother stepped out in a hurry as she could be seen wearing only a bathrobe, with her scarf and swung a bag over her shoulder.

She grabbed her daughter by the ears and dragged her home as other party revelers looked on helplessly without intervening.

The incident reportedly happened in south Africa.

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