Lucinda Russell Children: Does The Horse Trainer Have Kids?

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Kids are very important to every parent. When people marry, having kids becomes the immediate thing that they will be thinking about. So who are Lucinda Russell children? Does the horse trainer have kids?

Well, in this article, we are going to attempt to look into the subject of whether Lucinda Russell has any children or not.

She has been married to Peter Scudamore for many years, so how many kids do they have?

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We will find the details in this article.

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Lucinda Russell; Who is She?

She is a horse trainer from Scotland.

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She was born on June 24, 1966, to her parents, Peter Russell and Edith Russell.

As of the writing of this article, she was 56 years old.

Her career is largely training horses, and she has done that for the greater part of her adult life.

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She coached the 2023 Grand National champion Corach Rambler as well as the 2017 Grand National winner One For Arthur.

She is Peter Scudamore’s partner, a former National Hunt jockey.

In the 2018 Birthday Honours, Russell received the title of Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

For over 20 years, she has been engaged in training horses.

In conjunction with her partner Peter Scudamore MBE, an eight-time champion jockey who rode 1,678 wins in a career-breaking career, Lucinda trains in the lovely Kinross countryside 30 minutes north of Edinburgh.

They have joined forces to create the most prosperous racing yard in Scottish jump racing history.

She is an accomplished horse trainer, and her husband has been on the side giving her all the support that she needs.

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So who are Lucinda Russell children? Do they support their mother in her work?

Lucinda Russell Children

Lucinda Russell Net Worth: How Much is The Horse Trainer Worth?
Lucinda Russell

Our research has not been able to establish any information about Lucinda Russell children. It appears she has no children with Peter Scudamore, her husband.

Peter Michael Scudamore MBE, her partner, is a former rider and trainer in National Hunt racing.

In his career, he rode 1,678 horses that won, earning him the title of eight-time Champion Jockey.

In the 1990 Birthday Honours, he was named a Member of the Order of the British Empire for his contributions to National Hunt Racing.

Lucinda’s husband has a son, Tom Scudamore, as our findings established, whose mother is Marilyn Scudamore.

There is no information on Lucinda Russell having any children with Peter Scudamore.

Information is scanty about Lucinda Russell children.

Since she is now Peter Scudamore’s wife, it makes Tom Scudamore her son too.

Tom Scudamore, a retired third-generation British flat and steeplechase jockey, was born on May 22, 1982.

He is the eight-time champion jockey Peter Scudamore’s son; Michael Scudamore, his grandpa, won the Grand National in 1959 with Oxo.

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Tom Scudamore was raised in the little Gloucestershire village of Naunton, which is the epicenter of British jump racing.

Since he was two years old, he has been riding.

Cheltenham College Junior School and Cheltenham College are where Scudamore received his education.

Tom started riding as a jockey while still a student at Cheltenham College, but he always had a backup plan for school; he completed two A-levels while still keeping up a rigorous training regimen.


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