Luka Doncic Position: What Position Does Luka Doncic Play?

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Luka Doncic born on February 28, 1999 is one of the hottest names in NBA right now. Luka Doncic he is a Slovenian professional basketball player who is playing as forward for the Dallas Mavericks.

At just 23 years of age, he has taken the NBA by storm. He started his professional career by signing with Real Madrid in the year 2015 where he played in the Euro League.

Luka Doncic was the MVP in 2018 and won the Euro League in the same year. Luka Doncic’s exploits in Spain had the big fishes in America circling around him when the 2018 NBA Draft announced.

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There, he was the 3rd overall pick for Atalanta Hawks but Luka was traded to Dallas Mavericks in a draft-day trade which saw Trae Young go the other way.

Both of them have had a great careers at their respective franchises but he is unarguably the bigger of the 2 stars when it comes to name, game, and popularity.

Luka Doncic position

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Luka Doncic position plays as point guard and shooting guard for Dallas Mavericks. And considering his versatility, he is an important player for the team.

He has a lot of global appeal and will be the target of a lot of endorsement deals.


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