Alph Lukau, Biography and Miracles

Alph Lukau is a South African (SA) man of God, with large members. Born 0n 25th, Oct 1975.

In this article, we will tell you, all you need to know about prophet Lukau.

Biography Of Prophet Alph Lukau

Alph Lukau is an author and the founder of “Alleluia Ministries International” (AMI). He is from the Republic of Congo. Lukau is a coach and a mentor to many. He is a bible scholar and a renowned speaker. He owns a television channel that broadcasts his ministry work in South Africa. Lukau also published “The Rise Of Prophetic Voice” a Christian book, in 2019.

Alph Lukau

Lukau’s Family

The prophet, as referred to, is a husband and a father of 2. His wife Celest Lukau also help serve in the ministry. She is, simply “Mama Celest” to all their members. Not much is known about Lukaus’ parent and siblings.


Though born in Congo, Alpa Lukau established AMI on 24th Feb 2002, in SA. The church’s core values are bible believing coupled with miracles. The church, currently branches in SA, Congo, Angola, and South America, the church’s vision is to expand throughout the world with their word. It has thousands of followers in these countries. The church also believes in giving and entreat members to donate as often as possible, for God’s work. So, it has its mobile transaction details on all its platforms.

Some Followers Of The Church (AMI)

Miracles by Lukau 

AMI is well known for its miracles, from healing to raising the dead. Lukau recently claims, he is the same as Jesus, after he guessed all personal details of Portia, a member, and her husband’s spiritual plot that may harm her family. Lukau averted the so-called plot, by making Portia call the husband, who was supposedly in a shrine, ready to undergo the rituals. Portia then begged the husband to return immediately to the church. He did return and thanked the man of God for saving him. 

Also, in 2019, the pastor in a viral video raised an alleged dead man. This sparked many questions in the media about the man of God.

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Net Worth

Finally, the pastor has a lot of endorsement deals, due to his fame. He is one of the richest pastors in Africa with a net worth of $ 1 billion. His main source of income is the ministry. He is, however, living a comfortable life and also doing well for himself.

Are you aspiring to be the next Lukau? Hahaha, I am rooting for you though.




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