Lydia Forson Sends STRONG Warning To Medikal & Fella Makafui

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Everyone certainly needs a friend like Lydia Forson. She would ‘pull up’ and deal with anyone who tries to mess with her friends and she’s now asking for permission from Sister Debbie to deal with AMG Medikal for breaking up with her.

Yes, the rumours are getting thicker, that Medikal has broken up with her girlfriend Sister Debbie and has now settled with YOLO actress Fella Makafui. Yesterday, the ‘How Much’ rapper shared a photo of himself and Fella sitting at the lounge of a hotel and described her as her best friend but when fans started roasting them in comments, he disabled comments for that particular post.

Lydia Forson, Deborah Vanessa and Larley

Sources have hinted that, friends of Sister Debbie are helping her get over the break-up as she was soo into Medikal and felt something good was going to come out of it.

In a subtle tweet Lydia Forson made, she sent a warning to Medikal that, she would deal with him if he messed up with her friend, Sister Debbie.

Imagine giant Lydia Forson pulling up at Fella’s place and ‘dealing’ with her–It would an interesting movie right? Well, Lydia is just waiting for Sister Debbie to give her the go-ahead to take action.

Lydia Forson sends strong warning to Medikal

Her friend, Sandra  Ankobiah also seems to share same sentiments with Lydia Forson and posted the screenshot on her Instagram with the caption; “A friend like Lydia 💕💕 I gotchu too hun 👊🏽 @lydiaforson btw bae is f*****g up, can we pull up?!?! 😂😂”

Well, Fella remains undaunted in all of these and she’s head over heels in love with Medikal and wouldn’t let anything get between them.

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Sandra Ankobiah and Sister Derby

Well, we will be observing to see how all of these, but always head back to for more entertainment news and celebrity gossips.

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  1. Sister Derbie I admire u a lot and I wish I had ur kind of body,u are my celebrity see jux move on and let Medikal go ahead and date whoever he wants he ll surely dump her soon,don’t fight jux stay cool,font rush into any relationship now, find urself a good black American guy and date,Medical doesn’t deserve u Sis Derbie

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