Saturday, December 5, 2020

Macassio Drops ‘Dagomba Girl’ Ft Mugeez But The Girl Wasn’t ‘Dagomban’ Enough To Really Reflect The Title-Watch

One of the top acts from the North, Macassion has dropped the music video for his track ‘Dagomba Girl’ featuring Mugeez and we must say, in as much as the music video is beautiful, we believe the video could have been shot better to reflect the title of the song.

I don’t want to even make an attempt at reviewing the music video but after watching the music video, I was a bit disappointed that the costuming for the girl who was portrayed as ‘Dagomba Girl’ was done so poorly.

I was expecting the girl to be costumed in a way that would reflect the culture of Dagomba and also for some scenes to be used that would depict the culture of the Dagomba people. I don’t mean to say that, she has to be dressed as such throughout the scenes in the music video but it’s only prudent that we see something ‘Dagomban’ about the girl in the music video.

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Dagomba Girl Music Video

I can understand that the objective of the director was to shoot a music video that would be pleasing to all eyes from every part of the world hence the reason, why he decided to choose such a costume for the girl.

Ummm, like I mentioned, I don’t want this to be a review, so wouldn’t go into the details. In all of it, it was a beautiful music video. Watch it below and share your sentiments on it with us in comments.

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