A Macho Man Proposes To Another Macho Man In Venice

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While some ladies are on their kneels praying for a handsome man with 6 pacs to come their way, some are also getting a man in effortlessly even without prayer–This World is just soo unfair.

The say “Love Is Love” irrespective of whether it’s a man who wants to marry a man or a woman who wants to marry her follow woman or the normal way, we grew up to understand how love and relationships should be.

As an entertainment blog, we cannot in any way judge or criticize the actions of such people especially, when we are not God and also for the fact that, their actions and inactions does not affect us in anyway.

So this is they say one of those stories of love. A former Olympic diver who accepted his German boyfriend’s proposal after being surprised on a gondola ride in Venice and the pictures are making some people angry and some people happy on the internet.

Portions of the story on VT.co reads:

The Swedish former Olympian, Jimmy Sjödin is the subject of the internet’s favourite proposal story of late. It all went down when Jimmy’s boyfriend, bodybuilder Patrick Huber, invited him on an impromptu trip. Patrick wouldn’t even tell Jimmy’s where they were off to when they left their home in Munich by car.

As it turns out their final destination was one of the most romantic cities in the world: Venice, Italy. Jam packed with culture, all the carbs anyone could ever want, and some of the most breathtaking architecture in Europe, it makes sense that Patrick chose Venice as the location to propose to his beau.
Once in Venice, Patrick took Jimmy on one of Venice’s top attractions, a gondola ride on the Venetian Lagoon. But unbeknown to Jimmy, Patrick had hired a professional photographer to take some snaps of the special moment…
Here’s Patrick’s recounting of the surprise proposal:
“It was a complete surprise. On the Wednesday night I told my boyfriend to pack his bags because the next day I wanted to take him on a surprise trip somewhere he always wanted to go.
“So he packed his bag and we got in the car, and I started driving and we drove over the South Tyrol, which is the most scenic route through the Italian Alps, so I had planned everything to be the most romantic. We ended up in Venice.”
“Then on the Friday, I said “We have an appointment at 10.30, so be ready and wear something…”, and my he still didn’t understand something was going on.
“So we get to the gondolas and there was a girl, and he thought she was just a tour guide. But she was a professional photographer and took pictures all the time.. to capture that special moment.”
“Then at a intimate little canal I get down on one knee in the gondola and pop the question. I started crying while I asked him the question, and can’t even remember what in specific I said. But he said YES. now he is my fiancé and we started planning our wedding.”
The couple is set to tie the knot in the German Alps on the 28th May 2018 and even this date has special significance – it marks the two year anniversary of the day they started dating. You don dey begin vex abi?
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