Mad ooo: Beautiful lady goes completely topless on the street while testing a new bra she bought from a vendor 

A beautiful lady literally threw caution to the dogs by going topless as she tries on a new bra she bought from a man on the street. 

In the video uploaded on the internet, the lady was seen removing her top dress after which she proceeded to remove her bra right in the open although she shielded her boobs from feeding the prying eyes of those who were present at the scene at that particular moment.

What’s more intriguing is the fact that the hawker helped her to unlock the bra so could try the new one she bought from him.

Watch the video below;


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In other news, a slay queen has made a passionate appeal to men on behalf of women to always help them with no strings attached.

The beautiful lady who spoke the fluid Nigerian pidgin language said Nigeria is hard to survive in presently and it’s even worst when men want to sleep with them before extending financial help to them.

She firmly propagated that it’s utterly erroneous for all women to be tagged ashawo just because they are vulnerable or willing to sleep with a man.

Identified as Pinky, the young lady explained that some people are working hard, but hard work is not enough the preamble is considered notably the high cost of living.

Watch video by clicking here. 


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