Maddy Spidell Age: How Old Is The Dancer?

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She is a famed dancer and the girlfriend of a very popular YouTube star, but what is Maddy Spidell age today? How old is she?

In this article, we will look at how old she is and what she has been able to do in all the years that she has been living on earth.

Often, it is not the number of years people live for that matters, what matters is the impact and influence they have had in the lives of other people who look up to them.

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Maddy Spidell age will not mean anything to anyone but for her influence and impact. So what has she done to be so popular for people to always want to know what she is all about?

Reading this article will establish a lot of things that made her very popular over the years. It is not just her age that is going to be established, but many things about her will come to light s this article wears on.

So, how old is Maddy Spidell?

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We will find out this and more in this article.

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Maddy Spidell Age: Who Is She?

She is an American citizen and social media sensation.

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Michael and Mary Spidell, her parents, gave birth to her in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America.

Does she have any siblings?

The young American social media sensation does have siblings.

Jedd, a development coordinator, and Thad, a member of the US air force, are her two siblings that the media has come to know.

The young lady’s educational background could be traced to Greendale High School where she completed her high school studies.

She also attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she studied business, graduating there in 2021.

What is Maddy Spidell age today?

How old is she?

Maddy Spidell Age

Maddy Spidell Net Worth
Maddy Spidell

She was born on March 31, 2000, in the United States of America. This means that Maddy Spidell age was 23 years old as of the writing of this article.

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At a young age, she has become very popular. Apart from the fact that she is dating a YouTube star, Mr. Beast, who is very popular, she is also known for her dancing career and working as a social media influencer.

How did her career begin?

After receiving her training at Young Dancing School, she started her professional dancing career at a young age in a local dance class.

She quickly began performing at luxury locations all around the country after refining her craft.

How much money has she made in her career?

After getting to know Maddy Spidell age and what she does, we need to know if she has made any money for herself, so what is her net worth?

It has been challenging to determine Maddy Spidell’s exact income, although estimates put her net worth at $1 million.

She primarily earns money through dancing and social media advertisements.

Also, for a commission, she works with other businesses to promote their products and services.


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