Madina Broni Opens Up About the Abuse She Endures as a Trans-Gender Person (+VIDEO)

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Following the recent chaos surrounding the LGBT Community in Ghana, quite a number of individuals, such as Ignatius Annor have gone public to declare their true sexual orientation and preferences.

One Trans lady, Madina Obroni has spoken about her struggles as a member of the LGBT Community in a country such as Ghana. Speaking on Kantaka TV’s ‘Link Up’ with Mona Gucci, she said that, she had to ask for financial aid on social media before she could leave the country to do her surgery because, she did not have any helpers.

According to her, people beat and physically her for no reason simply because of the way she was.

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“Before I left the country, I put my issue on social media because, I neither had anyone to speak for me nor help me. You can go out and someone will use something to hit you just like that. It was very bad. It could even get to a time where you would not be able to go out freely.”

“The area I was living in too was a ‘zongo’ lane. So you are sure to face problems everyday, no matter how you are. You could even be home and they will pull you out to beat you.”

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After posting on social media, she was lucky enough to fins someone in Spain who helped cover the cost of her surgeries, fully transforming her into the beautiful woman she is today.

See video below:


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