Madness anaa? Man removes his testicles so he can serve God better, photos drop

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A Nigerian man identified as Terhemen Anongo has reportedly removed his testicles as a religious obligation to serve God better. 

Anongo who was in a medical school but dropped out owing to health issues said he went to that extent in order to serve God better. The 44-year old man removed one of the testicles by himself last year which nearly cost him his life.

He actually performed the procedure himself owing to his background as a medical student which resulted in extensive bleeding.

Anongo dropped out of the University of Ibadan medical school as his health was failing. He told reporters that he castrated himself based on his religious belief because since he is not married, he does not want to be promiscuous.

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The former medical student, who was speaking on the phone with newsmen in Makurdi on Sunday, said he now works as a wheelbarrow pusher.

“I went to remove the second testicle based on religious belief.

I removed it on Monday. The first one had little hitches but this one had learnt from that experience, I did (remove) it very well. Somebody is always coming to dress it for me.

“I’m fine. There is no problem, I’m only waiting for when the wound will heal so I can remove the stitches.”

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