Magnus White Wikipedia, Age, Salary, Net Worth

It’s always a sad situation when young people lose their lives. Since his death, many things about the young USA cyclist have become topical issues. In this report, we will talk about Magnus White Wikipedia, his age, salary, net worth, and more.

What do you know about Magnus White?

Learn more about what happened to him and other details about his life when you read this article to the end.

What Happened to The Young Cyclist?

Magnus White, 17, was murdered after being hit by a car close to his Boulder, Colorado home, according to USA Cycling.

The 17-year-old mountain biker who was heralded as a “rising star” in the sport passed away in Colorado after being hit by a car while practicing for a world championship.

On Saturday, Magnus White was struck while bicycling close to his Boulder home, according to USA Cycling.

“White was focused on his final preparations before leaving for Glasgow, Scotland to compete in the Junior Men’s Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Championships on August 10, 2023,” said the organization, amateur cycling’s governing body. “He was a rising star in the off-road cycling scene and his passion for cycling was evident through his racing and camaraderie with his teammates and local community.”

According to a GoFundMe page set up for his family, the boy was scheduled to start his senior year of high school in the upcoming weeks.

His professional cycling career got off to a fast start.

“He began cycling when he was eight and quickly rose through the cycling ranks,” his GoFundMe page says. “Magnus’s journey in cycling was driven by a tireless work ethic and a deep desire to achieve his personal best.”

He triumphed at the Illinois 2021 Junior 17–18 Cyclocross National Championships, a competition that combines steeplechase, mountain biking, and road cycling.

Additionally, he recently finished a full season of European cyclocross racing with the USA Cycling National Team and competed at the Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2022 UCI Cyclocross World Championship.

In January, he competed for the United States at the Cyclocross World Championships in the Netherlands.

“We offer our heartfelt condolences to the White family, his teammates, friends, and the Boulder community during this incredibly difficult time,” USA Cycling said.

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Magnus White Wikipedia

Magnus Wikipedia page was not found when we searched for it, but there is quite a lot of information about him online.

On July 29, 2023, he passed away after being struck by a car while out training close to his Boulder, Colorado, home.

Magnus White Age: How Old Was He?

Magnus White Wikipedia, Age, Salary, Net Worth
Magnus White Wikipedia, Age, Salary, Net Worth

Michael White and Jill White welcomed Magnus White into the world on November 18, 2005.

Magnus White was a beloved member of the neighborhood and came from a family of four.

This indicates he had a sibling in addition to his parents. His parents didn’t have only him; he also had a brother named Eero White.

Although a Magnus White Wikipedia page does not exist, this information about him is online.

Magnus White age was 17 when he died tragically.


It is not immediately known what Magnus White salary was.

Magnus White Net Worth

What was Magnus White net worth before his death?

The estimated net worth of Magnus White is around $300,000.


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