Majid Michel Biography: Family, Career, Education, Net Worth

Majid Michel is an A-list Ghanaian actor who's featured in lots of Ghanaian movies and also Nigerian Movies.

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Majid Michel is arguably the finest actor that many women used and maybe still droll over when he was introduced onto the local movie scene.

His uniqueness is exhibited in his accent, composure, looks and his special acting skills. Majid Michel together with his contemporaries redefined the local movie scene and gave the thriving superimposing Nigerian film industry a run for their money.

That resulted in him starring in countless Nigerian movies even before he became a household name following the breakthrough series “Things We Do For Love” and movie “Divine Love”

From A Fine Actor To A Priest – Interesting Facts About Majid Michel
Majid Michel

In this edition of Celebrity Facts and Life, our attention is on the intelligent, nice-looking actor-turned-priest Majid Michel whose legacy as far as acting is concerned has been carved in stone.

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We are going to trace his footprints from the capsule of time which will summarize his biography in these forms: early life, education, career, family, net worth, scandals (if there were any), and achievements.

Lest I forget, why he Majid Michel decided to take the cross and follow Christ as a pastor; transitioning from the hot kisser of women to the gentle shepherd of God’s flock.

Early Life

From A Fine Actor To A Priest – Interesting Facts About Majid Michel
Early Life of Majid Michel

Majid Michel was born on September 22, 1980, at Cantonments, a premium suburb in Accra. He was born into a family of nine. His mother is a Ghanaian while his father is of Lebanese descent.


Education background of Majid Michel

Majid Michel had his primary and basic education at St. Theresa’s Primary School in Accra where he was described as a fine student by his peers and teachers. He later went to the Mfantsipim School, this is the school his fellow friend and actor Van Vicker also attended.

Majid Michel kickstarted his acting career in high school by actively involving himself in Arts and Theatre and later joined the school’s Drama club where his acting abilities were harnessed.

Majid Michel, due to his distinct role and exceptional acting skills received the Best Actor Award in one of the performances of the Drama Club on Emancipation Day in Cape Coast, Ghana.


Ghanaian actor Majid
Acting Career of Majid Michel

Majid Michel began his professional career by auditioning for a modelling agency called Super Model Agency after a next-door neighbour took notice of his talent and introduced him to them.

Fast forward, Majid Michel starred in the popular “Things We Do For Love” series which shot him up to mainstream acting and recognition. Playing the role as ‘Shaker’ a Lebanese boy, Majid Michel fit properly into the role due to his Lebanese background. In a 2017 interview with Star FM Ghana, Majid explained that he didn’t get the role for the first film he auditioned due to poor acting from him, describing his “passion for acting” as what made him continue to press forward in the film industry.

Following the success of the series, Majid Michel has his first proper acting role in a movie titled Divine Love where he together with actress Jackie Appiah played the lead roles with Van Vicker taking up the supporting role. It was through the success of this movie that shot the three: Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah and Van Vicker to prominence and gave rise to their name and influence.

Nollywood Breakthrough and Fame

From A Fine Actor To A Priest – Interesting Facts About Majid Michel
Majid Michel Nollywood Breakthrough

Majid Michel rose to become an endearing African actor and broke into the Nigerian movie industry under the auspices of Venus Films which was been ran by  Frank Rajah Arase and Abdul Salam Mumuni.

The got Majid Michel together to feature in Ghana-Nigeria movies like Crime to Christ (2007), Agony of Christ (2008), Heart of Men (2009), The Game (2010) and Who Loves Me? (2010) amongst others. That did not end there, Majid Michel starred in Emerald (2009) alongside Genevieve Nnaji which introduced him to Nollywood but it was the movie Silent Scandals (2009) that shattered the glass ceiling and solidified his name in Nigeria.

Guilt Pleasures (2009), Burtsing Out (2010) were all Nollywood that had Majid Michel and Genevieve Nnaji spark controversies of underground amorous dealings following the explicit nature of the scene. He later confessed that he was star-struck when he first met Nnaji.

In 2012, he starred in the War film Somewhere in Africa, playing a tyrant. Though the film didn’t do well critically, Michel’s role delivery got him wide acclaim, and he won an Africa Movie Academy Award for the first time. In 2014, he co-starred in the all-time blockbuster 30 Days in Atlanta for which he got listed by Nigerian Cinema Exhibition Coalition as one of the highest box office grosser of 2014.

 Scandals and Controversies

From A Fine Actor To A Priest – Interesting Facts About Majid Michel
Majid Miche in a post with actress Nadia Buari and Jackie Appiah

Michel was quite outspoken in the media when he started his career in Nigeria; He confessed in an interview that the first time he met Genevieve, “everything stood still”; he was so star struck that he offered to carry her bag and to be her personal assistant.

In another interview, he stated that Genevieve Nnaji is the best kisser in the film industry. He also stated in an interview that Genevieve taught him “how to act”, and also implied in another interview that Ghana has no film industry. All of these, along with the explicit roles he played in films made him have controversies always trailing him during his early days.

In late 2010, it was reported that the actor is taking a break from Nigeria after receiving death threats supposedly from his Nigerian colleagues, who think that he is getting too many jobs. During this time, he went back to act in Ghana, where he featured in films such as 4 Play (2010) and its sequel 4 Play Reloaded (2011).

Majid Michel recently said tithing is an outmoded act. He opined that tithe should be used to help the poor and needy n society instead of giving it to a pastor to spend.

 Family and Life As Pastor

Majid and his beautiful wife
Majid Michel Personal Life

Majid Michel got married in November 2000 to Virna Michel. A marriage that has produced three children and he attributes his success to his wife, a very private woman. In 2015 Majid Michel renewed his marriage vows and announced himself as a born-again Christian.

On 4 October 2016, he was a guest minister at a local church where he shared the word and performed deliverance on people. On 1 April 2017, he explained that his refined relationship with God has cost him some of his friends. He went further to state that his present friends are determined solely through a vision from God.

In October 2017, Majid stated that God had used him to perform miracles on people. On masturbation, Majid described the act as a sin towards God. He went further to state that it was inevitable for one to engage in the act at least once in a lifetime.

Achievements & Awards

Majid takes a picture with a horse
Achievements and Awards of Majid Michel

Majid Michel has starred in over 100 movies including:

  • Things We Do For Love
  • Chelsea
  • Agony of Christ
  • Somewhere in Africa
  • The Game
  • Bursting Out
  • 4 Play
  • A Sting in a Tale
  • Silent Scandals
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • House of Gold
  • Nation Under Siege
  • Forgetting June

Majid Michel is a six-time winner of  Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2017.

Net Worth

Majid Michel Networth

Majid Michel works as an actor, brand influencer, ambassador, speaker at conferences, entrepreneur and pastor amongst others. He has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as at the end of 2020.




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