Major Resignation Hits Citi FM and TV As AJ Sarpong And Others Exits The Media House

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A major resignation trend at the station led to the departure of Ghanaian presenter AJ Sarpong from Citi FM and TV. After a few months, the majority of the esteemed media company’s top journalists had all abruptly quit.

The departure of seasoned broadcaster Jessica Opare Safor sparked a resignation trend. Others were able to escape as a result, including Kojo Akoto Boateng, Philip Ashong, and Dzifa Ametam. Many notable journalists have departed Citi FM and Citi TV’s parent company, Omni Media, resulting in a wave of resignations.

Within months, the vast majority of these seasoned minds who kept the station running and were the reason so many people listened in opted to quit.

AJ Sarpong hosted a few shows on Citi TV in addition to the mid-morning radio program “Brunch in the Citi” prior to her resignation.

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AJ Sarpong previously worked for the EIB Network, where she hosted a number of shows on Live FM, Starr FM, and GHONE TV, before joining Citi FM and TV in 2017.
A communications master’s degree is held by AJ Sarpong. Although the cause of departing the station along with others is yet unknown, publications cite a number of potential causes, including subpar corporate governance structures.


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